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Why Suri Alpacas?

The Suri alpaca is elegant with the fiber draping down the sides in a twisted or flat 

form.  The fiber sways back and forth as they walk/run with the sun glistening off the
luster of the fleece.  Suri has a slick cool feel to it similar to silk.

The suri alpaca makes up less than 10% of the world population in alpacas, making them
a rare breed.

The suri fiber is cherished by handspinners and doll makers for the silkiness, softness,
and strength of suri fleece.  It also takes dye well for those that prefer to dye the fiber
into favorite colors.  It has no memory when knitted or crocheted making it a lovely
fiber for products require drape.

All parts of the fleece, taken of by shearing method once a year.  The legs, belly and

neck can be used if they are fine enough for yarn but mostly these are good for blends
or rug yarn.  The prime fleece (blanket), is then used in multiple ways. For examples

you may check out my farm store page to see items we make here from the suri alpaca

Suri Fiber is graded according to fineness, the finer the fiber the better it will feel
against the skin.  Although all the grades are usable even the coarse fiber can be used
in socks and rugs.  There is even more strength in the higher micron making socks
more durable with wear. Suri fiber, due to it's slick nature will feel better against the
skin in a higher micron than other fibers.

Grade 1:  Ultra Fine or Baby Alpaca - 20 micron

Grade 2:  Super Fine                         20-22.99 micron

Grade 3:  Fine                                  23-25.99 micron

Grade 4:  Medium                             26-28.99

Grade 5:  Coarse                               29-31.99

Grade 6:                                           32+


























Updated April 17, 2012